12 Reasons to Purify Indoor Air and Surfaces

The quality of the air you breathe has an enormous impact on your health. While the major area of public concern in terms of air pollution is outdoor air, we cannot ignore indoor air quality. According to a WHO study, indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air.

The term indoor in this context refers to air quality at homes, offices, and other recreational spaces. As per a study, people in the developed nations spend 90% of their time indoors. This means people are more vulnerable to indoor air pollutants. Since homes and offices are enclosed and less ventilated, they can be filled with dangerous contaminants and allergens.

Hence, it is imperative to purify your indoor air and surface. As we fight the apocalyptic pandemic, the risk of indoor air contamination is relatively higher. The coronavirus is contagious. If an infectious person coughs or sneezes, this transmits the droplets containing the virus into the air. A healthy person may breathe in these droplets and get infected. Hence, in the current situation, purifying indoor air and surfaces is more important than ever!

Here are 12 reasons you need to purify your indoor air and surfaces:

Combat Respiratory Disorders

Indoor air can often be a rich source of microbes and other allergens which can cause asthma and other respiratory disorders. Breathing clean air is pivotal for a person with respiratory disorders. In fact, it is part of the treatment process.

Increase Energy Levels

Polluted air can affect your lungs and drain your energy levels. It affects your lifestyle negatively. On the contrary, an environment filled with clean air can allow you to relax. It automatically increases your energy levels. It can allow you to relax, work efficiently, and promotes love and harmony at home.

Pets at Home

Various pets such as cats, dogs, and birds can also degrade the quality of indoor air. The pet dander (bits of skin most pets shed every day) can be a cause of allergies. The allergy may cause inflammation in your lungs which can lead to diseases. Hence, it is important to purify your indoor air/ This can eradicate all the dangerous particles, ensure your family’s safety and also allow you to enjoy the company of your favourite pet.

Children’s Safety

Due to their weak immune system, kids are vulnerable to diseases. Polluted indoor air may cause some of these diseases. Purifying your indoor air ensures that it protect your kids from air-borne diseases.

Industrial Emissions in Neighbourhood

Industrial emissions heavily pollute the air in the surroundings. The harmful particles in these emissions can block nasal passages and negatively affect the lungs. An air purifier can help you get rid of the constituents in such emissions and prevent contamination of indoor air.

Construction Site in the Vicinity

Construction sites are full of dust and other harmful allergens. The transmission of dust particles from the construction site to your home pollutes the indoor air. The dust particles can damage the mucus membranes that surround the respiratory system. Hence, it can lead to sinus, breathing issues, and other respiratory infections.

Ongoing Renovations at Home

Renovating a home is overwhelming and chaotic at the same time. Paints, new flooring, furniture, bleaches and glues coupled with the tools that disturb the environment. The renovation materials and tools have airborne toxins and suspected carcinogens. Hence, renovation can affect indoor air quality and have terrible consequences on your health.

Commercial Appliances

All the commercial appliances at your home such as computers, TV, printers, and speakers have off-gas low level chemicals which can be inhaled. Computers have fans that keep them cool, these fans also emit dust in the surroundings. The air impurities generated by these appliances degrade your indoor air quality.

Home Surfaces Host Virus

A contagious harmful virus can even spread through objects like tables, keyboards, doorknobs, and countertops. You can succumb to the virus if you touch an object that is a host to the virus. The virus can stay from hours to days on surfaces like tables and countertops. The virus can stay from 4 to 5 days on wood furniture and doorknobs. To avoid this contagious spread, it is crucial to purify your indoor surfaces and make them free from harmful viruses and bacteria. Cleaning the surfaces and disinfecting them can prevent the spread of viruses and also other respiratory disorders.

To Boost Mental Health

Breathing fresh air enables your internal organs to function efficiently. It also leads to better oxygen absorption by the brain. Hence, this improves your mental health and ensures emotional wellbeing.

Surrounded by a Canopy of Trees

If there are a canopy of trees or garden in your vicinity, these trees can be a source of mould spores. Exposure to mould spores can lead to symptoms such as cough, itching, and watery eyes. The spores can find a way into your home and trigger an allergic reaction.

Exposed to Automobile Pollution

Automobiles are one of the major contributors to air pollution. If you have a road facing balcony, the air pollution from these vehicles can also degrade your indoor air quality. The pollution from cars and other fuel-burning engines can seep into your home, making you and your family vulnerable to harmful carcinogens.

In the current situation, hygiene is of paramount importance for overall safety. While we maintain social distancing and adhere to all the rules, it is also important to take care of our surroundings. Purifying indoor air and indoor surfaces are vital. It can help contain the spread of the virus.

You can use Chloriguard purification tablets to remove all the impurities found in the air and on the surfaces. Rich in purifying agents like chlorine dioxide, these tablets can kill all harmful bacteria and viruses in your surroundings. Such tablets offer full-fledged purification to all indoor spaces like homes, offices, clinics, and other recreational spaces.

Breathing in clean air is as important as having a full-fledged balanced diet. It can positively affect your physical and mental wellbeing. Hence, purify your indoor air and surfaces today to stay as fit as a fiddle!

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