How to sanitize your mobile phone

How to Sanitize and Disinfect your Mobile Phone?

How to Sanitize and Disinfect your Mobile Phone?

With the apocalyptic COVID-19 outbreak, the need to practice personal hygiene is higher than ever. While you inculcate the habit of washing your hands regularly, it’s also imperative to ensure that everything in your surrounding is sanitized properly. This also includes your cell phone, the device you use the most.

Why is it necessary to sterilize your Phone?

Throughout the day, you’re likely to touch your phone multiple times. Especially in this situation where you’re working from home, you can’t get off your phone. Several studies indicate that your cell phone is currently playing host to a variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

While such bacteria & viruses may not always be visible to the naked eye, they can still survive on surfaces such as your cell phone from a few hours to a couple of days. Since you are inclined to touch your phone quite often in a day, imagine how vulnerable you might be to such deadly microbes?

Some studies also suggest that your cell phone has 10 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. Hence, it is imperative to use a gadget sanitizer to clean your phone. In this way, you can considerably reduce the risk of coming in contact with harmful bacteria and viruses.

What Not to Use While Cleaning Your Phone?

It would be a good idea to clean your phone regularly. Although not every time you touch it but you can develop the practice of cleaning it once or twice a day. Here are some of the cleaners that you must not use while cleaning your phone:

  1. For cleaning your phone, do not use any bleaching powders or metal cleaners which are commonly used to clean other surfaces. These cleaners can permanently damage your phone’s protective shell. The protective shell is exclusively designed to protect your phone’s screen. Any damage to the protective shell can damage your phone.
  2. Also, it’s not recommended to use compressed air as it can damage mic and other internal components.
  3. Ammonia, toluene, benzene, scrubbing powders, and hydrogen peroxide are other harsh cleaners that you should avoid using.

Sounds like a complicated process, doesn’t it? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. What if I told you to keep a phone still for 20 minutes and it will automatically get sanitized? Sounds exciting? It’s time to harness the power of phone sanitizer. Read the next section to know some unique features of a mobile sanitizer pod.

Ozotech Smart Disinfector

The Ozotech Smart Disinfector can sanitize your phone in 20 minutes. The sterilizer uses medical-grade oxygen to produce ozone inside it. It uses the concept of low-temperature sterilization technology. Effective in a sealed environment, ozone sterilization can kill bacteria at a much faster rate.

One of the key highlights of this product is that it comes with a 5V USB charging port. Therefore, you can simultaneously sterilize and charge your phone. Amazing, isn’t it? Well, this Ozotech Smart Disinfector is surely more than just an ozone sterilizer box. You can even use it as a night lamp or a mood lamp that offers continuous 7 color gradient changes. Sounds intriguing? That’s not it. Read the next section to know some amazing benefits of this versatile sanitizer box.

  • Ozotech Smart Disinfector

    5.00 out of 5

Benefits of Ozone Gas Sterilization

The ozone gas is generated via an in-built ozone generator that uses the principle of high voltage discharge to convert Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3) gas, which is a very powerful sterilizing agent capable of eradicating harmful viruses, germs, and microbes that cause air contamination.

Owing to the anti-microbial properties of ozone, it acts as a powerful sanitizing agent. Moreover, unlike synthetic cleaners, Ozotech Smart Disinfector leaves no chemical residue behind after sterilization.

With a pure ozone concentration of 10mg/hour, Ozotech Smart Disinfector sterilizes your cell phone in 20 minutes. It kills almost all the bacteria and germs present on the surface of your cell phone. Ozotech Smart Disinfector acts as a defence shield to protect your smartphone against germs. This ozone sterilizer is also extremely easy to operate and compact in size. Moreover, it’s certainly more than a sanitizer box.

With an in-built 7 colour gradient-changing mood lamp, Ozotech Smart Disinfector can also be used as a night lamp to elevate your mood. With an innovative and space-saving design, it can enhance your room decor. Simply plug in your smartphone, charge it and sanitize it easily. Furthermore, choose your favourite light, create a cheerful ambience in your room and dwell into the world of serenity. Well, sounds like a perfect digital detox session, doesn’t it?

Products Sterilized Using Ozotech Smart Disinfector

The Ozotech Smart Disinfector sterilizes your electronic gadgets such as your cell phone, smart watch, portable charger, calculator, fitness band, and Bluetooth portable earphones. You can also sanitize your personal belongings such as your banking card, keys, jewellery, spectacles, and watch; your medical equipment such as a facemask, gloves, scissors, and pulse oximeter, and home essentials such as your remote, charger, stationery, etc.


Ozotech Smart Disinfector takes 20 minutes to sterilize one cell phone, post which the machine will auto shut. You can sterilize your cell phone multiple times in a day, or sterilize multiple cell phones every day.

No. Ozone gas is not chemically produced and is totally safe to use for an extended period of time. Moreover, Ozotech Smart Disinfector shuts down automatically after 20 minutes, not releasing ozone gas post the specific period of sterilization. Thus, your phone will not be damaged if placed in Ozotech Smart Disinfector for more than 20 minutes. You can also sterilize your phone again for 20 mins immediately for extended protection.

Yes, you can purchase the product from This is the official Grob website where you can also get various discounts and offers on all Grob products.

In the case of manufacturing defects, there is a warranty of 6 months offered. You can refer to our Return & Refund Policy for more information.

No. Ozotech Smart Disinfector does not release any odour during or after the sanitization process.

Yes. It comes with a user manual which describes all the precautions and instructions you need to follow.

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