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Grob Blend & Go Portable Blender | Portable Bottle Blender for Smoothies & Juices

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Shipping & Returns

Grob Blend N Go Comes with a 10 Day Replacement Guarantee. Report your problem to and we shall get back to you!


Comes with a Hard Plastic Body, Blender Cap with Stainless Steel Blender Blades, and a USB Cable to charge the blender cap.


Care Instructions

Do not let water go into the USB Charging Port. Hand wash only.

Grob Blend & Go Portable Blender | Portable Bottle Blender for Smoothies & JuicesGrob Blend & Go Portable Blender | Portable Bottle Blender for Smoothies & JuicesThe Grob Blend N Go Portable Blender Bottle Along With The Packaging. The Bottle Has Orange Juice, Indicating How Orange Juice Can Be Easily Pulped in The Bottle Using The Blender Feature At The Press Of A ButtonGrob Blend N Go Kept Upside Down So That It Performs Its Blending Action At Its BestThe Grob Blend N Go Bottle When Empty. The Cap Is Connected To The Electric Blender Inside And Has Buttons And A Charging Port From Where It Can Be Operated And Charged For Longer Use.
  • A unique twist on the Instagram blender bottle: the Grob Blend N Go Portable Blender is the perfect addition to your daily gym and office routine.

  • The regular juice blender just got portable! Now whip out a juice, smoothie, or protein shake without the need of a hand blender or a juicer when the blend n go does it all in seconds.
  • Flip, blend, and sip!The Zero-Spill Guarantee and a screw-top lid make portability easy and stylish.

  • The silicone belt is perfect to hold the blender bottle.
  • The compact size makes it easy to carry and convenient to use.

  • The high-grade stainless steel blades (SS 304) and BPA-free food-grade plastic make the bottle toxin-free and safe to use.

  • Get a portable juice, smoothie, and protein shake blender at the price of a regular bottle!

  • Ensure freshness by using it anywhere, anytime, with freshly cut and ripe ingredients.

  • The blender blades are attached on the other side of the cap, and it can be switched on and off using that.

  • The Blender Cap also has a charging port which is sealed and secured with a covering to avoid water entering the machine.

  • Grob Blend N Go Portable Blender is so secure, It will not switch on if the cap is half shut or not shut. Even if you open the cap midway when it's on, It will switch off automatically, this ensuring safety and spillage.