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Grob E-Sense Foamy Auto Foaming Liquid Dispenser

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Care Instructions

Don't let the battery section of Grob E-Sense Foamy come in contact with any liquid. Grob is not responsible for water damage of Grob E-Sense Foamy.

Grob E-Sense Foamy Auto Foaming Liquid Dispenser (8129504084244)Grob E-Sense Foamy Auto Foaming Liquid Dispenser (8129504084244)The given image shows Grob E-Sense Foamy and the packaging that it comes in. The packaging gives all the details and instructions as to how this product needs to be used and taken care of. (8129504084244)The image shows an empty Grob E-Sense Foamy along with the packaging in which it comes (8129504084244)The Top Angle View of Grob E-Sense Foamy where the soap container is empty and we can see the Sensor (8129504084244)

Want to make hygiene, convenience, and quality a priority? Introducing the E-Sense Foamy Suit Foaming Liquid Dispenser, the perfect addition to your bathroom or kitchen! Here are some of the key selling points of the E-sense foamy suit.

  • 300 dispenses from a single refill - no need to worry about spending money on replacing cartridges or bottles. E-Sense provides 300 dispenses from a single refill. You don’t need to fill the soap container all the way; just 100 ml along with water will provide an amazing automatic foam soap dispensing experience.
  • No transfer of viruses and bacteria - This dispenser provides peace of mind for families and businesses alike, especially in today’s world with no transmission of viruses and bacteria.
  • 20-degree elevated design - E-Sense Foamy comes with a 20-degree elevated design that prevents drippage, keeping your counters and floors clean and dry.
  • 12:1 ratio: The air soap creates a ratio of 12:1, which makes it rich, luxurious foam that feels great on your skin and reduces waste by using less soap or pump. The touchless foam soap dispenser gives you exquisite foamy soap within 0.25 seconds!
  • Battery-operated - It functions on a battery for easy and handy use with no cords or cables to worry about. It is operated by three AA batteries.
  • Multi-purpose -  It can be used in a clinic, hospital, kitchen, bathroom, school, hotel, etc. Thus, it is not restricted to any place or location.

Say goodbye to messy drips, wasted soap, and worries about germs—and say hello to a cleaner, more comfortable, and more enjoyable washing experience. Try the E-Sense Foamy suit today and see the difference for yourself.

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