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Grob Glow Hub Portable USB Cable with 4 USB Port Hubs & LED Light

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Grob Glow Hub Portable USB Cable with 4 USB Port Hubs & LED Light (8131908436244)Grob Glow Hub Portable USB Cable with 4 USB Port Hubs & LED Light (8131908436244)Grob Glow Hub Portable USB Cable with 4 USB Port Hubs & LED Light in Blue Color (8131908436244)An Image of Grob Glow Hub connected to a Laptop and its LED Light is fully on, bright and is functioning efficiently. The Hub is also bent, hence showing flexibility and increased range of motion. (8131908436244)An Image of Grob Glow Hub being connected to four different external sources, two cables and two pendrives. Up to 4 external USB pins can be connected with the hub and the hub can then be connected with the laptop or PC. (8131908436244)An image of Grob Glow Hub that is connected to a laptop and the light source is facing upwards. The hub is bent, thus showing flexibility and increased range of motion. (8131908436244)Back side of Grob Glow Hub with Grob's Logo and LED Switch on & Off Button (8131908436244)

"Introducing the Glow HUB: Your Ultimate Solution to USB Connectivity

4 USB hub

USB has become an integral part of our daily lives, enabling us to connect and transfer data between devices effortlessly. As technology continues to advance, the demand for USB connectivity has grown exponentially. To address this need and provide a remarkable solution, we proudly present the Glow HUB - a 4-Port USB Hub with LED Light. This versatile and highly functional tool is designed to fulfill all your USB requirements and elevate your user experience to new heights. 

Large branding area

One standout feature of the Glow HUB is its large branding area. This generous space allows you to customize the USB hub with your logo or personalized message, transforming it into a unique and eye-catching accessory. Crafted with soft-touch material, it offers a pleasant tactile experience, ensuring ergonomic comfort during prolonged usage. Its ergonomic grip enhances your handling, providing a secure and comfortable hold.


Equipped with four USB ports, the Glow HUB empowers you to effortlessly connect multiple devices and peripherals to your computer or laptop. Whether you need to sync your smartphone, transfer data to a flash drive, or connect your mouse and keyboard simultaneously, this USB hub has got you covered. Moreover, its flexibility ensures exceptional durability, eliminating concerns about accidental breakage.

Comes with an LED light

Another remarkable feature of the Glow HUB is the built-in LED light. This feature serves two purposes: it adds a touch of style and sophistication to your desk or workspace, and it provides practical functionality by illuminating the USB hub in low-light conditions. Now, you can effortlessly locate your Glow HUB even in the dark, eliminating the frustration of fumbling around for your USB hub.

In conclusion, the Glow HUB 4-Port USB Hub with LED Light is the ultimate solution to all your USB connectivity needs. With its exceptional features, including a large branding area for customization, four versatile USB ports, and an integrated LED light, this USB hub provides unrivaled convenience, efficiency, and style. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your USB experience. Get your Glow HUB today and discover the true potential of USB connectivity.

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