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Grob Trio 3 Piece Collapsible Bowl Set with Clear Lid

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Grob Trio 3 Piece Collapsible Bowl Set with Clear Lid (8131903488276)Grob Trio 3 Piece Collapsible Bowl Set with Clear Lid (8131903488276)Storage Reference in Grob Trio 3 on how the bowls can be collapsed and made smaller if they aren't filled to their full capcity. (8131903488276)Trio Collapsible Bowls along with their lids, comes in Yellow, Green and Red color. (8131903488276)

Everyone wants incredibly handy bowls while travelling, even in the house. The Trio Collapsible Bowl Set is all you need. Whether you are prepping meals or storing leftovers, these bowls have got you covered. Let’s look at the features.

  • Collapsible Design - These bowls are collapsible, which means they can be easily stored in your luggage without taking up too much space.
  • Clear lids - The clear lids of these bowls make it easy to identify what’s inside, which is especially handy when you are on the go.
  • Perfect for Food Prep - These bowls are great for food prep, whether you are cutting up veggies or mixing ingredients together.
  • Great for travel - These bowls are perfect for travel, whether you are heading to a picnic or camping in the great outdoors. The compact design makes them easy to transport and lightweight.
In short, the Trio Collapsible Bowl Set is a must-have for anyone who loves to cook or travel. They are versatile and practical.
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